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The Renaissance Adult Day Services, Inc. (RADS) dba Renaissance Transportation serving the Southside Community of Chicago for over 20 years.   Renaissance has been serving adults and seniors with dignity and grace.   RADS provides a range of services; Health Monitoring, Social/Recreational Activities, Music & Art Therapy, Life-Long Learning Classes, Spirituality, Nutritious Food Service, Personal Care Assistance, Culture Bus Field Trips and Transportation services.

RADS Transportation offers prompt and professional services.  Renaissance Transportation & Family Services requires background and drug testing for all employees.    Our transportation and Home Care sector is growing and we look forward to working with various organizations in the Chicago community.

We make great strides to ensure safety and provide clients with reliable and first class transportation. Renaissance Transportation provides the following services:

  • Transportation for the adults and seniors that are clients of the Adult Day services.
  • Door-to Door Service refers to transportation from one specific location to another
  •  Fixed Route with scheduled services transports riders along a predetermined stops at designated location
  •  Ridesharing programs generally arranged by Senior building and Centers for the purpose of transporting seniors to activities, doctor appointments, and other errands.
  •  Providing transportation for children and adults to activities as a group.

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