A Message from the Directors

Friends are a precious gift and at the Renaissance Adult Day Services Center (RADS). We form a Circle of Friends that is round like a ring and Everlasting!

At the Renaissance Adult Day Service Center we have some sayings:

“It’s Not the Years in Your LIFE, but the LIFE in Your Years!”

“We wear our Age as a Badge of Honor.”

“We’re growing Older but Not Old! “

“We’re too Blessed to be Stressed!”

The Lessons of the Years!
The Lesson of the Years have taught us many things but none as much as this:
“That shelter, a Loving Home environment, Good Health, Food, Joy, Family & Friends
are always where God is!”                                                                                                                                  
Thank you for being a part of our Circle of Friends,

Carolyn Hicks, Executive Director
Mel Hicks, Program Administrator